• Praying Like
    The first in the series "Prayer That Works" we take James' advice and look at the
    prayer example of Elijah.
  • The Impossibility of
    Living Sinless Lives
    Even though we have 6,000 years of recorded history of mankind's inablilty to live sinless lives,
    many still yet believe the only path to Heaven is by somehow achieving that elusive ability.
    In this lesson from Romans 8, D.L. Wyer reveals the truth that in Christ, sinlessness is no longer the ruler by which our lives will be judged.
  • Discussion:
    What happens when evolutionary creationists, old-earth creationists, and Southern Baptist
    theologians sit down publicly and talk about origins? At the 2014 meeting of the Evangelical
    Thological Society, these three groups decided to find out.


Bible Difficulties Series

May 24, 2015 11:30 am

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Our Home

Located in the hills of the Appalachians, "home" for us is West Virginia, USA. Our local fellowship meets at Ely Gospel Tabernacle in Sumerco.

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Our Mission

Changing lives through accurate Biblical education (Rom.12:2).
Our Message: Grace + Faith = Hope

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Working Together

Every generation says it, and every generation witnesses it's increase. Times are tough(er). Only one Truth can unite. Only one people can unify a divided nation and counter terrorism. Working together Christians must become a positive influence in this world.

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Latest Teachings

Back To Basics

"Back to Basics" has become the fundamental theme at my home church of late, re-stressing the Bible basics where every born-again believer needs to have deep, firm foundations set. By reviewing these core truths and refreshing our understanding we can have a solid compass to ensure we are still on a true course toward our ultimate goal.

Alongside the fundamentals bootcamp, ChurchOnTheNet.com presents more challenging lessons of the faith with topics like "Are Religion and Science Compatible?" and "Is the Bible Full of Errors and Contradictions?". These will not be my teachings alone, but I will be sharing what I find of interest from around the web, whether I agree or not. If it provokes a positive thinking process, I'll be posting it here.